FREE Monthly Book Subscription? Yes, Please!

From your child’s birth until their 4th birthday, The Miami Children’s Trust will deliver a monthly book for you and your child to read & enjoy, completely Free! Learn more about how to sign up.


There is no obligation and the service is completely free.

Virtual Entertainment (while learning!)

This is a really easy way to change things up for the kids & keep their bodies moving. With over 1 million views on Youtube and gaining momentum in the virtual physical education arena, CosmicKids will definitely bring some delight to your home.


They also provide guided meditation & excellent story time adventures too!

Too many toys? Easy, Thoughtful decluttering.

Sometimes, when toys have served their purpose and children no longer are interested, parents will put toys curbside or even throw them away. But there’s a better way. In Miami, The Lotus House servicing Women & Children is accepting donations of all kinds.


Are you in Broward County? Here’s an excellent place too.

Age-by-Age guide for talking to your kids about Racism.

Depending on your child’s age, you may or may not have had the difficult but necessary conversations of race in your home. BrainPOP has generated a thorough guide for parents to bring awareness & combat racism in an age appropriate way.


It’s never too late to start this conversation with your child.