Ending the Search: As good As Me, Because Your Family Deserves More Than Just Another Agency

Are you tired of the same old run-of-the-mill nanny agencies? It’s time to switch gears and experience the warmth and personal touch of “As Good As Me.” We’re not just your average agency, we’re your partner in finding the perfect caregiver who truly takes the time to understand your family’s needs.

More Than Just Matching, It’s Magic!


At As Good As Me, we pride ourselves on our knack for making magical matches. We don’t just look at qualifications; we dive deep into your family’s quirks, preferences, and dynamics. The result? Caregivers who don’t just fit, but who truly belong.


Sure, certificates matter, but we go beyond that. We’re all about caregivers who have the heart, the passion, and the genuine love for nurturing young minds. Each candidate is carefully handpicked, ensuring your kids are in the hands of someone who’s not just good, but exceptional.


Wonderland Process


Our step by step is your caregiver wonderland. We will be there for you and your family making sure you are well informed to make the best decisions with the candidate and find the perfect fit for our family.
We believe that finding the right caregiver should be a breeze, not a hurricane. That’s why we will take care of EVERYTHING, while you enjoy life, spend time with your family or just relax. 


Your Family, Our Family


“At Good As Me” isn’t just a name; it’s our commitment. We’re with you from that very first call to the moment you say, “You’re hired!” Our journey together doesn’t end there. We’re here to ensure your family thrives with your new caregiver, offering support, advice, and a friendly ear whenever you need it.


Ready to Start Your Journey?


Imagine a caregiver who clicks like family. Picture the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children are in caring hands. It’s not just a dream – it’s “As Good As Me.”