Sleep Better, Parent Better: Should You Hire a Newborn Care Specialist?

Bringing your precious newborn home from the hospital is an exhilarating and, at times, overwhelming experience. Those months of anticipation culminate in the beautiful moment when you hold your baby in your arms, surrounded by the nurturing environment you’ve thoughtfully prepared for them. However, we understand that reality can be a bit of a shock, leaving you feeling tired and unsure of what lies ahead. In such moments, it can be a wonderful idea to explore the option of enlisting the support of a newborn care specialist (NCS) to ease your transition into this new phase of life and ensure you get the rest you deserve.

Meet the Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)

 Guiding You Through the Early Days and Nights

Allow us to introduce you to the world of newborn care specialists, also known as NCS. These dedicated professionals are certified in newborn health and care, specializing in providing essential support during those precious early days and nights of your baby’s life.


NCS Responsibilities


Nurturing Your Baby and Offering Valuable Insights

For breastfeeding parents, NCS can facilitate nighttime feedings, bringing your little one to you for nourishment and then gently tending to them once they’ve finished. In the case of bottle-fed babies, NCS takes complete care, ensuring your baby’s well-being throughout the night. As your baby grows, they offer guidance on developmental milestones, feeding schedules, and even help establish a loose sleep routine.


Emotional Support and Sleep


More Than Just Caregivers – Partners in Your Parenting Journey

What lets a NCS apart is the emotional support they provide, helping you formulate a plan and ensure both you and your baby are on a healthy path. They offer a lifeline to parents who have experienced traumatic births, couples navigating surrogacy, or first-time parents finding their way. Additionally, by allowing you to catch up on sleep, NCS grants you the opportunity to fully savor those precious moments with your baby when you’re awake, fostering a deeper connection.


The Benefits of Rest


Improving Well-being and Reducing the Risk of Postpartum Depression

Not only does this improved sleep quality enhance your daytime interactions, but it also significantly reduces the risk of postpartum depression. A study from 2016 demonstrated that poor sleep quality was associated with a 3.34 times higher likelihood of experiencing postpartum depression compared to those who enjoyed restful sleep.


Considerations and Costs


Exploring the Practical Aspects

As for drawbacks, there are very few when it comes to working with a NCS. Your only concern might be finding the right match for your family. Remember, the person who worked wonders for your friend may not be the ideal fit for your unique situation. A skilled NCS understands the importance of this, and they’re more than willing to dedicate time to help you select the right caregiver, addressing all your questions and concerns.


When it comes to the cost of hiring a newborn care specialist, it can vary based on location and the individual specialist’s qualifications.


Planning Ahead


Meeting the Growing Demand for NCS Services

Given the increasing demand for newborn care specialists, it’s wise to plan ahead if you’re considering their services. Some specialists may have schedules booked 1-2 years in advance, especially if they have repeat clients. However, with a bit of effort, you can still find assistance, particularly if you explore local agencies.


Contract Duration and Finding an NCS


Tailoring Support to Your Needs

The duration of a NCS contract can vary, but it typically begins when you bring your newborn home and lasts anywhere from just a few nights of support to four months. Many experts recommend at least 10 weeks of support to ensure a well-established sleep routine for your baby. However, some families may opt for shorter or longer contracts based on their specific needs and preferences.


To find a newborn care specialist, you have two straightforward options.


Making the Right Choice


Assessing Whether an NCS is Right for Your Family

When determining whether a newborn care specialist is the right choice for your family, remember that every parent and family is unique. Consider your local support network, including relatives and friends, and assess whether they can provide the help you need. If, however, you believe that enlisting the assistance of an experienced professional like a newborn care specialist will enhance your parenting experience and you can comfortably afford it, then it’s a decision well worth considering.


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Supporting You in Your Parenting Journey

At As Good As Me, we understand the importance of supporting parents during this beautiful journey. If you have any questions or need guidance on whether a newborn care specialist is right for you, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help you make the best choice for your family’s well-being and happiness.