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Overnight Newborn Care

Overnight newborn care is one of Hush Little Baby’s most beloved service options for care! Hush Little Baby is unique in that we have a tiered system of care providers to fit any family budget. It is our mission to provide care for any family that may need it. Our night nannies, newborn care specialists, postpartum doulas and baby nurses are available 24 hours a day to assist families as they transition into life with a new baby.


Our team of professionals will arrive at your home between 9-10pm and stay through the night, working 8-12 hour shifts. Our team members will implement healthy sleep habits and tend to your baby’s needs; feeding, changing, burping and getting them back to sleep. Hush Little Baby provides overnight newborn care services 7 nights a week, also with as little as 1 night a week of care. Our only care minimum is an 8 hour overnight shift night! Rates range from $30-$50/Hour (no additional fees) depending on your specialist, and your location.


We encourage families to begin their search for a newborn care professional in the 2nd-3rd trimester of pregnancy. However, we can accommodate any family, even if baby has arrived home and/or 6 weeks have passed, it is never too late!


Hush Little Baby’s Newborn Care Professionals are trained by The Newborn Care Training Academy and are proud members of The International Nanny Association.



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